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The Terraces of Angkor Thom

Elephant Terrace 31a

Elephant Terrace 36a

above and right:


The Terrace of Elephants






'The Terrace of Garudas'

 Elephant Terrace 33a

Elephant Terrace 00b

Elephant Terrace 37a 


  View from Elephant Terrace:

Elephant Terrace 2b

Elephant Terrace 1b

  The Prasats Suor Prat


 Leperking Terrace 7a

 Leperking Terrace 15a

Leperking Terrace 8a

 The Terrace of the Leper King (King Yasovarman)


the king's personal underground (below)

 Leperking Terrace 10a

 Leperking Terrace 13a

Leperking Terrace 11a

Leperking Terrace 14a


  The Center of the King's Palace:

Phimeanakas 4a.

Phimeanakas 5a

  The Phimeanakas Temple



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