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Temples of Viangchan (Vientiane)

Wat That Luang 005

The National Sanctuary:

Wat That Luang 007

Wat That Luang 003

Wat That Luang 012

Wat That Luang


Wat Pha Kaeo 006

Wat Pha Kaeo 008

Views of

Wat Pha Kaeo

Wat Pha Kaeo 005

Wat Pha Kaeo 001

Wat Pha Kaeo 004


Wat Si Saket 024

 Wat Si Saket 031

The temple of 'Thousand Buddhas' (approx. 6500):

Wat Si Saket

Wat Si Saket 026

Wat Si Saket 030

 Wat Si Saket 034



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