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Excursions from Luang Prabang: Waterfall Khouang Si

Laos market 000

Laos market 001

Market scenes on the road

Laos market 002

Laos rural1 004

One of the Asian 'working horses'

Laos rural1 007

Laos rural1 008

Above and right:

Scenes in a Lao village




Khouang Si waterfall

Laos rural1 009

Khouang Si 011

Khouang Si 012


Excursions from Luang Prabang: The Caves of Pak Ou

Pak Ou 000

Pak Ou 004

On the river Mae Khong (Mekong)


Laos Brandy 002

Laos Brandy 003

How the local booze is made


Pak Ou 013

Pak Ou 005

Approaching Pak Ou (the caves are on the opposite site)


Tham Thing 006

Tham Thing 008

Top and right:

Views from Tham Thing (lower cave)

Tham Thing 007

Tham Thing 010


Way to Tham Phum (upper cave)


At the entrance of Tham Phum

 Tham Phum 011

Tham Phum 012



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