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The capital of Vietnam: Hanoi

 Hanoi 012b

Touring Hanoi by man power:


 Hanoi 015b

 Hanoi 013b

Rikshas are still a means of transportation


Historical sites:

Hanoi 022b

Hanoi 023b

Palais of former French Governor General

Ho Chi Minh' s house


Cultural sites:

Hanoi 026b

Hanoi 029b

Gate to Van Mieu Pagoda...

 (pagoda of literature)

...dedicated to Khong Tu

(Kong Fu Tse)



Hanoi 024b

Chua Mot Cot

(one column pagoda)


Hanoi 018b

Hanoi 019b

Highlight in military career:

photos infront of Ho Chi Minh' s sepulchre

Hanoi 020b

Hanoi 021b



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