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Central Vietnam: In and around Hue

 Citadel Hue 018a

Citadel Hue 021a

The Flag Tower

One of the front sides

The Citadel of Hue:
Views from the Pavilion of 5 Phoenix on top of the South Gate (Ngoc Mon)

 Citadel Hue 019a

A glimpse of the Forbidden City

Views to the Kings's audience hall

Citadel Hue 022a

Citadel Hue 017a

The South Gate with the Pavilion by night

Citadel Hue 023a


Chua Thien Mu 024a

Chua Thien Mu 032a

Upstream on the Perfume River (Huong Giang)...

Chua Thien Mu 025a

Chua Thien Mu 026a

... the pagoda Thien Mu

Chua Thien Mu 029a

Chua Thien Mu 030a



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